Our Beginning

The beginnings of Phillips Turf Science began back in March 2013 by Wayne Phillips.  Wayne is the owner and founder of Phillips Turf Science.

Wayne was a Golf Course Superintendent at a local private golf course for over 15 years prior to beginning the business.  He was often asked by the golf course members, “could you stop by my house and give me some advice about my lawn?”

After hearing this question over and over Wayne thought he might give this a shot.  The original idea was to try to manage 20 or so residential properties and see how it goes.  Our business started out of a garage with a great idea and one small trailer and tank.  We currently service over 1,600 residential and commercial properties.

The most important focus of our business is to provide the highest quality customer service available.

Our People

At Phillips Turf Science we base all of our hiring decisions first and foremost on personal character traits. Some of the top character traits we hire for include being trustworthy, honest, caring, friendly, having attention to detail, and of course hard working. Our hiring philosophy at Phillips Turf Science is that we want team members with the proper personality to represent our company name. We can teach the job, what we cannot teach is personality traits.

Our Promise

At Phillips Turf Science our promise is that our customers will always receive the highest level of customer service available. In the lawn and in-home pest control business we are dealing with mother nature so things may not always be perfect. But there is never an excuse for poor customer service and that is Our Promise.




Wayne Phillips is the owner and operator of Phillips Turf Science. Wayne has 20 years in the turfgrass industry. Wayne received his Bachelor’s Degree in Turfgrass Science from the University of Florida. He worked as a Golf Course Superintendent in the local area until he started Phillips Turf Science in 2013. Wayne was featured in the Golf Course Journal Panorama for his innovative use of a new product on the golf course. Wayne also held the position of Treasurer, Vice-President, and President (2013) for the Golf Course Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America. Wayne has attended numerous continuing education programs concerning the continued improvement of turf management, pest management, and best management practices. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys spending time with his wife Tanya and their three children.


Office Manager

Holly Gideons is our Office Manager.  Holly earned her MBA from Angelo State University and worked for several large companies in Dallas, Texas before moving to Florida.  Holly and her family have lived in Niceville since 2010.  She enjoys fishing, baseball, and traveling with her family.



Project Manager

Guy Thompson is the Project Manager for Phillips Turf Science. Guy is a native of Florida and has lived in Niceville with his family for over 10 years. Over the years Guy has attended multiple agronomic classes through the University of Florida’s extension service. Guy is currently studying to test for the state of Florida Pest Control Operators license.

Let’s Get Started

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